Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good evening my lovelies! I have a few favors to ask of you tonight and I’m also going to be posting a teaser from one of my WIPs ;-)
Favor #1:
Head over to Goodreads and Fan/Friend these awesome authors! <3
Alexandra Anthony Odyssey: http://ow.ly/qc6RK
Susan Arden Her Lycan Lover: http://ow.ly/qc5JC
Mina Carter Hitting on the Hooker: http://ow.ly/qc6eU
April Angel Lucky Break (Sizzling Encounters): http://ow.ly/qc6In
Ally Shields Blood & Fire: http://ow.ly/qc7Q3
Christopher Farrell Nocturne: http://ow.ly/qc89J
Celia Kyle The Shifter Romance Boxed Set: http://ow.ly/qqDG3

Elvira Bathory Love Story of a Reaper: http://ow.ly/pVHDc

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