Saturday, February 1, 2014

And as promised, the teaser from one of my WIPs <3

Startled, Karen jumped at the sound of the store clerk’s voice. She turned to face the woman, a smile on her lips.
“I love it. Now, I need to find the perfect shoes.”
Her smile widened as the store clerk pulled her excitedly along aisles of shirts and skirts to the back of the store.
“I have the exact pair of shoes you’re looking for. Stay right here.”
Leaving Karen standing in the entrance of the store room, she went looking for the shoes.
Karen could hear her muttering under her breath, “No, not right, not quite right. Not these either. Where are those shoes. I know I stashed them back here somewhere. Ah-ha! Here they are! Yes, yes, these will be perfect!”
Her triumphant cry caused Karen to take a step into the stock room, where they both collided. The store clerk dropped the box she was carrying, spilling its contents on the floor. Karen’s smile became decisively wicked. She was staring at the most beautiful pair of heels she’d ever seen. They were about six inches high with a strap that wound from the ankle up to about mid-calf. Dyed a deep blue they matched the dress, and the look she was going after, perfectly.
She tentatively reached a hand out to stroke one of the heels. The store clerk picked them up before her hand connected, shoving them at her.
“Here take these, I have a couple more items I think you should add to your ensemble.”

She rushed away, leaving Karen to happily pet the heels.

©Elvira Bathory Taken from WIP "Envy is only Skin Deep"

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