Sunday, December 29, 2013

And teaser #2 from a separate WIP <3

Chapter 1
Damn it! Not again, Karen thought as she saw the sock hanging from the door and halted in front of it. She shook her head in disgust. She was getting tired of getting out of class and coming into the dorm only to find that damn sock hanging on the knob.
Where does Tina expect me to go while she’s in there for hours with Raymond? Karen stood in front of their door, shaking in anger and disgust as she contemplated ripping off the sock and just walking in on them. But no, she wouldn’t do that. She was a good girl after all.
She gave the offending sock a dirty look as she leaned back against the wall beside the door. She slid into a sitting position, briefly placing her head on her knees to think. She pulled her psychology book out of her bag. She had a term paper in that class due by the end of the week, so she figured that if she had to be stuck in the hall that she could at least get started on it. She reached into the side pouch on her bag to pull out her MP3 player. Tina was rather loud when she and Raymond were enjoying each other’s company, and the walls of the dorm were paper thin, and Karen needed to concentrate.
She placed the ear buds in her ears, turned her MP3 player on and made sure the music was loud enough to drown out Tina’s crescendo. Every once in a while one of the doors down the hall would open up and someone would come out. She’d give a wave or acknowledging nod to those she knew but she never once took the ear buds out, turned the MP3 player off or stopped writing her notes.
She’d just finished organizing her notes and deciding on how she was going to start her paper, when Raymond emerged from the room with Tina on his arm. Karen jerked the ear buds out of her ears as she looked up. Tina gave her a surprised look as she hurriedly started shoving everything back into her bag.
“It’s about fucking time,” Karen muttered as she scrambled to her feet.

Copyright Elvira Bathory

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