Saturday, December 28, 2013

Here is one of the teasers from one of my WIPs :-)

Ouch! Did someone get the license plate of the dolphin that fucking hit me?
With her head splitting, Arabella Rossi slowly tried opening her eyes. They were met with the harsh glare of unforgiving light, When she tried to reach up to attempt to ease some of the pain, she was met with resistance. Discovering her hands were bound caused her to panic and become fully awake.
Where the hell am I? And, bigger concern, what the fuck do they want with me?
She wasn’t sure why she was convinced that it was a ‘they’ that had captured her, but she’d learned a long time ago not to ignore her instincts. She knew she needed to get a better look at her surroundings, maybe get a clue at where she was being held, but the marching band that had taken up residence in her head wasn’t slowing down.
She heard footsteps and fear made her heart race. She opened her eyes a slit, trying to locate the source of the sound against the onslaught of the fluorescent lights.
Who are these people?
She discreetly searched, trying to locate a door.
Oh shit! Lachlan was right! My curiosity is going to get me killed. Possibly sooner than he anticipated. I knew I shouldn’t have gone so close to the shore.
As soon as that thought ended, everything went silent as a tomb. She strained her ears, listening for some sort of sound, anything other than her own terrified breathing, but she heard nothing.

Copyright Elvira Bathory

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