Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Favor #3:
iTunes is a great place to look for books as well! Check out these titles <3
Susan Arden Her Lycan Lover: http://owly/qc3bp
Susan J. Willbanks Catrina and the Duchess:
Deborah Noel Tangled Blood Lines:
Alexandra Anthony Illusion:
Leeann Burke Deadly Secrets: All proceeds are being donated to Breast cancer awareness
AB Wallace VINTAGE BLOOD AND SACRED SCEPTERS: All proceeds are being donated to the ABCF
Deena Remiel Elixxir:
Samantha Holt To Steal A Highlanders Heart:
Christopher Farrell Disenchanted:
Skye Callahan Fractured Legacy:

DJ Shaw Phegru’s Revenge:

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