Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello my lovelies. Can you head on over to Amazon and add these books to your wish lists as well as like the author pages. While you're there, check out the reviews ;-)
Allyson Lindt Unconventional Fling: Book: http://ow.ly/qc36g
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc39n
Susan Arden Her Lycan Lover: Book: http://owly/qc3bp
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc3ej
Susan J. Willbanks Catrina and the Duchess: Book: http://ow.ly/qc3gw
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc3it
Deborah Noel Tangled Blood Lines: Book: http://ow.ly/qc3kb
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc3lN
Mina Carter Hitting on the Hooker: Book: http://ow.ly/qd3cp
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc3Fu
April Angel Mr. Buff (Sizzling Encounters): Book: http://ow.ly/qc3Rb
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc3Kv
Alexandra Anthony Illusion: Book: http://ow.ly/qc41Q
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc44b
Leeann Burke Deadly Secrets: Book: http://ow.ly/qc4gl All proceeds are being donated to Breast Cancer awareness
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc4ic
AB Wallace VINTAGE BLOOD AND SACRED SCEPTERS: Book: http://ow.ly/qc4ne All proceeds are being donated to the ABCF
Deena Remiel Elixxir: Book: http://ow.ly/qc4s2
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc4sH
Ally Shields Blood & Fire: Book: http://ow.ly/qc4y7
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc4BD
Samantha Holt To Steal A Highlanders Heart: Book: http://ow.ly/qc4HE
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc4J0
Christopher Farrell Disenchanted: Book: http://ow.ly/qc57X
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc58s
Skye Callahan Fractured Legacy: Book: http://ow.ly/qc4W8
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc4WT
DJ Shaw Phegru’s Revenge: Book: http://ow.ly/qc516
Author Like: http://ow.ly/qc53u

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