Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good evening my lovelies. I have a few favors to ask of you tonight ;-)
Favor #1: Can you head over to Goodreads and Fan/Friend these amazing authors, please? <3
Ivy Sinclair Where My Heart Breaks: http://ow.ly/py5ao
Susan J. Willbanks Catrina’s African Adventure (Catrina Series Part II ): http://ow.ly/py5jp
Mina Carter Moonlight & Magic Series: Volume 1: http://ow.ly/py5ov
Milly Taiden Wolf Protector: http://ow.ly/py5mW
Alexandra Anthony Odyssey: http://ow.ly/py5s4
Marie Astor Bad Guys Get Caught: http://ow.ly/py5w5
Elvira Bathory Love Story of a Reaper: http://ow.ly/py5yS

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