Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I have a couple of favors to ask of you tonight, my lovelies!
Favor #1
Head on over to Facebook and stroke that like button on these great authors pages <3
Leeann Burke Deadly Secrets: http://ow.ly/pLW3M
Susan J. Willbanks Catrina and the Duchess Necklace: http://ow.ly/pyjhs
Catherine Wolffe Wolfen Secrets: http://ow.ly/pLYMj
Mina Carter Blood Mate: http://ow.ly/pyjjH and her friend page http://ow.ly/pyjlD
C.E. Black Embraced: http://ow.ly/pQr3u 
Ivy Sinclair Where My Heart Breaks : http://ow.ly/pyj9S
Lena Hart Because This is Forever: http://ow.ly/pLZ72
Alexandra Anthony Tempted: http://ow.ly/pyjqM with her Vampire Destiny Series like page http://ow.ly/pyjsm and her friend page http://ow.ly/pyjux
DJ Shaw Angela’s Siren Awakening: http://ow.ly/pLZer and her friend page http://ow.ly/pLZi2

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